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Style : Summer Layers


orange county, california, united states of america

Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. When will it end?! The weather in Southern California is as testy and unpredictable as my adolescent self when I hit puberty. I've taken to slinging around this denim jacket lately, and it's been such a dream. The oversized nature lets me throw it over my shoulders when the chill sets in, or tie it around my waist for warmer settings. I've also been dying over these amazing Rag & Bone espadrilles. Something tells me that they're about to become a summer staple in my wardrobe. That is, if summer ever decides to grace us with its presence!

Top: COS (similar from Rag & Bone here) / Jacket: WAM (similar from Topshop here) / Shorts: Scotch & Soda (similar from Mango here) / Shoes : Rag & Bone (in black here) / Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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At Kestan, we build our collections around the lifestyle a Kestan woman lives. We understand that every woman is multi-faceted, and we want to enable our customers to express their personality and ethics through their style. By embracing informed and modern design, we seek to offer a wardrobe for the fearless and spirited woman. 

With this notion in mind, we'll be launching "Kestan Community" soon. Here, we gather the stories of courageous individuals and delve into their creative processes and what makes them move. These features will also show how Kestan pieces seamlessly integrate into their busy lives on an aesthetic and ethical way. 

We're currently looking for more individuals from different industries with a story to tell. Whether you're a writer, chef, artist, accountant, or whatever you may fancy - we're interested in what you have to say. You'll join a community of women that include philanthropists, business owners, travelers, and more. Kestan wants to capture your story through an in depth interview all while wearing our beautiful garments. 

If you'd like to be featured on as part of our community, shoot us an e-mail at support(at) for more information. Let us know why you'd like to be part of the community, and feel free to send along your social media links as well!

Sights in Portland : The Grotto


portland, oregon, united states of america

The Grotto is a Catholic shrine and botanical garden that seeks to serve as a place of rest and meditation for people of all religions and walks of life. Mo' and I heard about it's sweeping panoramic views and lush greenery, and we knew we had to make it up despite the day being rainy. The lower level sits at the foot of a steep cliff where various religious statues were placed into a carved opening in the rock. From there, you take an elevator up the cliff to the top level where you can explore various shrines, lakes, a meditation area, and even a monastery. With such a serene sight surrounded by nature and fresh air, it's hard to leave the Grotto without feeling refreshed! 

Eats in Portland : Grassa


portland, oregon, united states of america

Mo' and I moved to London around the same time, and we instantly knew that we would be best friends. Even after I left for Germany, and she called New York home, we still remained close as ever. Now that we're on same continent though, we decided to bridge the distance in our friendship and meet up in a new city for a reunion. On a whim, we flew to Portland, and saw what the city had to offer.

One of our first meals was at Grassa. Their handmade pastas are prepared in bowls of Italian perfection. We started off with the Fritto Misto, and enjoyed a large portion of fried seafood. The Carbonara is one of their popular dishes, so we had to try it out. The runny egg yolk over pork belly might feel a little sinful at first, but it's so worth it. We also grabbed the Pork Belly Mac & Cheese. You can't go wrong with bbq pork belly, jalapeƱos, and cornbread crumbs - even if your waistline protests. Every dish was a hit, and we totally understood why Grassa is quite popular. So make sure you get there early to snag a seat. If you're lucky, you might even get to grab a seat at the bar and check out the kitchen action live!

Kestan : Spring '16 Vlog


taipei, taiwan

As a consumer, I've always been concerned regarding where my clothes come from. After all, that ten dollar shirt you're wearing is how someone makes their living. At some point, a real person with ambitions, fears, and curiosities held that shirt and stitched it together. When we founded Kestan, Kevin and I knew that we wanted to be intimately involved with our production team. Not only do we care deeply about the quality of our product, but we wanted to make sure that the women we employ are treated ethically and have a fair standard of living. This is one of the main reasons why we fly back and forth between our studio and Taipei so often. 

On this trip, we decided to try our hand at vlogging. To be frank, I've never filmed myself before. There may be a few awkward facial expressions and you'll notice my love for the phrases, "spring 2016" and "so, right now...". We still thought it would be fun to share this footage though, and maybe you can catch a glimpse of our personalities! / @hellokestan