I finally got hold of the complete set of Boston photos from my friend. This was actually the start of my Thanksgiving travels, and finally seeing Gina in the states was so good. 

For the first day I wore velvet leggings (of my own creation!), a knit off shoulder sweater, military jacket, and boots. It was a casual and very comfortable outfit. 

While walking down Newbury Street, we ventured into a little cupcake shop by the name of "Sweet". What is a vacation without food, right? These were so special, as they were filled in the center. I had "Apple Pie" and it was filled with apple preserves! The frosting was light and fluffy. I liked them so much, I returned the next day.

We also tried raw oysters. It was Gina's first time, as well as mine. It was quite interesting, and really didn't taste the way I expected. Personally, I don't think I'll be racing to return any time soon!

Creme Brule at "Top of the Hub".

Lobster roll during lunch the next day.

Overall the trip was really relaxing, and I really do like Boston. The place was beautiful, and I met so many new people. I definitely can't wait to return and explore new places.
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