Today I embarked on yet another food expedition. This time we headed into K-Town for some Korean barbecue. I've been craving it for some time so I was definitely excited once the steaming plates landed on our table. The weather has been fair - chilly but not as cold as last Saturday. 

You'll find me sporting my military jacket (Zara), and my beige riding pants (Zara, as well). The sweater is a gift from my mother; another overseas conquest of hers. My bag is vintage, and of course a fantastic gift from my mother. I thought the necklace was a cute and interesting piece (Anthropologie).

The meal was quick and simple tonight. Keissy and I shared the plates family style, and enjoyed our conversation over food that was spicy for me and mild for her. Just the simple bulgogi and  tofu pot for us!

Tomorrow I'm returning to Caffe Reggio. I'm taking a dear friend from high school so I'm definitely looking forward to that. I hope that the start of the weekend finds everyone well.
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