Seeing that I have several papers due tomorrow, the irresponsible young lady in me found herself trekking out to the Highline Ballroom for a concert. Locksley was playing, and how could I not go see them when the venue was quite literally almost three blocks from home.

The guitarist here! He was such a sweetheart and was really patient when I wanted a retake because I looked rather surprised the first time around...literally. We ended up standing and chatting about my paper. Either that boy is really interested in the blues or he's got a golden heart for fans.

For this concert-going event I found myself slightly conflicted. It had been a while since I've been to a concert, and Locksley didn't seem to have the same head-banging, scream and shout crowd I usually see. I opted for a comfortable look. I have on a sand colored cardigan from H&M, striped crop top from Forever21, and burlap Toms.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend (who isn't?). It's time to unwind a bit. My mother always has to remind me that it isn't healthy to be wound to tight all the time. I decided to combat my stress levels with some pancake brunch with a couple of hilarious friends. I hope the weekend finds everyone well, and if you're with me on the east: stay warm!
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