The end of the week found me slightly overwhelmed, and quite exhausted. By the end of my third class I simply could not bring myself to cook dinner. Keissy and I happily decided to traipse on over to Chelsea Market. We both agreed that despite that fact it was practically right in our backyard, there were a few corners of the market we had yet to explore.

I'm wearing jeans and boots courtesy of Forever21. My cardigan was a gift from my mother. Bag and scarf are both Zara finds, and my shirt was a design by a fellow I knew from back home. Ring is from W.A.M.

For dinner, Keissy and I decided to try out Tuck Shop. It's an Australian goodie that I equate to chicken pot pies. Afterwards, we stopped by a crepe place, and they guy working there was friendly enough to practice French with us. So far I've come out with "Je suis Stephanie". So much for French I in high school! We also stopped by Zara, and I purchased quite the adorable desk memo pad. It reads "From The Desk Of..." and features tear off sheets. How quaint!

I'll leave you off with a quote:

"When you create art from the need to be loved, you do your best."
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