Gina hopped on a bus to come and visit me for the past few days. We started out by heading over to Chelsea Market (can't you tell it's my favorite spot?). We headed over to Lobster Place. We tried the crab and bacon sandwich, as well as the salmon sandwich. Both were simply delicious. I can't believe that it was my first time getting a sandwich from there. I will definitely be revisiting! 

We were later joined by Alek. The three of us headed over to Bleeker Street to check out Magnolia Bakery and the Marc Jacobs store. We stumbled upon a European style candy bar. Gina and I helped ourselves to  to a hearty amount of chocolate! 

Finally we headed over to Nobu where we caught up with a few other friends. It was a fantastic reunion after being separated for several months. Not to mention the fact that the food was delicious!

I'll be uploading Boston pictures as soon as I get them in my hands. I bid you farewell until the next post. I hope that everyone is coming out of their food comas by now!
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