With my heart set upon visiting Benefit's Brow Bar in Bloomingdale's SoHo, I ventured out in search for the perfect brow and a great dinner spot. Luckily, despite a train fiasco (which left me in Brooklyn), both the brows and dinner were done in good time. 

I found this drapey dress by chance while vacationing in Taiwan this summer. I personally love the color, and find the the drapes are interesting as they fall along my side, rather than all over the body. I usually belt this at the waist, but quite enjoy the looseness without it. My winter coat was a fantastic find at H&M last winter while visiting Vegas with my parents. When zipped, it has a fantastic asymmetrical look with the perfect slightly flared sleeves.

While in search for a place to eat, we stumbled upon a small place tucked around the corner by the name of Sanctuary T (or Sanctuary Tea; I never quite figured out which name this restaurant/ tea house went by). The fish and chips were fantastic! Perfectly battered and the fries were just the right amount of crisp on the outside and warm goodness on the inside. The salmon was quite special, as it was made over a strawberry sauce. I'm definitely going to return just for tea (or nutella hot chocolate)!

I'm currently in Boston! Finally, after several weeks of me pining for a vacation. Just a quick snapshot of what I brought along with me for the three hour train ride from New York. A Devil's Dream (a fantastic read, by the way), my iPad, iPhone (of course), and a nice snug military jacket to keep me warm.

Thanksgiving break is already shaping up well for me. It's great to be reunited with loved ones and forge new memories. I hope that the start of the holiday season finds everyone well.
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