I hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day! I was luckly enough to have fantastic Matt and Sarah host me (along with other stranded east coasters - Daniel and Grace) for Thanksgiving. It was such a lovely time and I had so much fun. 

I spent the morning  being outdoorsy (more so than when I'm in the city). Matt, Daniel, and I headed out to see the canal and take a walk. Afterwards Daniel and I participated in playing with other kids' toys left around the park and then skateboarding. Well, for me it was taking pictures while timidly standing on the board.

The "Kids" - Daniel, Grace, et moi.

Our fantastic vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner! I didn't even realize at all during the meal that it was vegetarian. Lovely Sarah did a fantastic job and everyone was full and happy. (I ate so much that I actually took a nap right after dinner. Whoops!)

Friday was spent with Matt playing tour guide and the rest of use following. We looked around the campus at Princeton and I had some delicious ice cream. I'm so happy that they're only an hour away, because it was really nice to be able to have the taste of home again when visiting. I have far too many pictures to share and I wish I could put them all on here. Either way though, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope that everyone did too. 

Now it's time to put on the Christmas music! 
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