I could've sworn this place was named "World's Best Chocolate Cake", but to be honest "Choco Bolo" rolls off the tongue a little easier. I visited here a few times last year, and the shop was definitely a testament to how quickly things change in New York City. 

Most of my outfit tonight actually came from small shops in Taiwan. My bag is Ecote, and my shoes are Calvin Klein. 

This is by far the best chocolate cake I have ever had. It's infused with layers of thin wafers that melt on the tongue. The homemade whipped cream was sumptuous and the cake was the perfect mix of thick and fluffy textures. I'm seriously addicted. 

I'm all finished with finals in regards to my studio work. Just one more final paper and I'm set for the semester! It's fantastic to finally feel relaxed. Another note to celebrate: I got the internship for Mara Hoffman! I guess the staircase and glasses debacle was just fine. Four more days until I'm homebound! 
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