Who knew that I would hop from Italy to England in one night? Unfortunately I'm only talking about the foods I consumed tonight, and not actual travel. My week has been pretty stressful (similar to every other college student) seeing that it is time for finals. It was only after falling asleep on the subway and riding far past my stop that I realized I had slept less than ten hours for the past three days. Well, that coupled with an awkward internship interview led me to go seek comfort in a good meal! 

I actually just bought this long coat right before dinner. I stumbled into a small boutique on the way that had a fantastic sale. Downstairs in the corner this gem was tucked away. The discount was unbelieveable! I've been looking all over for long jacket with leather sleeves, and this had such as nice variation as the sleeves continued into a leather drape over the shoulders.

Dinner was divine! We started off with three crostini variations. They were ricotta and orange honey, olive tapenade, and basil pesto. The ricotta and orange honey was perfect in every way. I personally enjoyed their daily fish, which was grilled tuna over a spicy blend of tomato and onion. My counterpart enjoyed their monthly special which was quail. It was set over this interesting  puree of some sort. I can't recall the slightest what it was though. Clearly, I will not be a food critic anytime soon.

The next stop was a nearby tea shop. I loved that every teapot and teacup there was unique. The atmosphere was quaint, and the prices were so reasonable. The scones were my favorite, and I am most certainly returning soon. Today definitely made up for last week's lackluster outing. 

And what exactly happened at my awkward interview? I had no idea there would be no elevator, so I huffed myself up four stories in heels. By the time I got there and the interview started, my glasses kept fogging up! I got embarrassed so I took off my glasses, but then I couldn't see (I'm blind as a bat!). Let's just say that I spent a good half an hour taking off my glasses and putting them back on over and over again.

I hope that everyone has the most lovely weekend. Christmas is so near! 
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