As much as I'm one to find immense humor in puns, I actually ate dinner somewhere called "A Salt and Battery".

Sweater: H&M | Belt: Zara | Shirt: Active | Belt: Zara | Socks: Uniqlo | Shoes: Forever21 | Skirt: self-made
I was dressed far too lightly for the weather tonight. I was in such a hurry to eat dinner that I ran out of my heated room and into the cold. By the time I started shivering I was halfway to the restaurant! Recognize the skirt? It was my final project that I sewed! It's really quite odd wearing things that I made myself. In the last picture I'm holding crackers that I bought so my relatives and family could pull during our Christmas dinner. 

The fish and chips here were fantastic! I tried the lemon soda that I've never seen before. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I didn't choke every time I took a sip. Clearly carbonated beverages and I were not getting along tonight. 

Now I must go off and finish packing and cleaning my room. Before I know it I'll be in sunny California reunited with my parents. I hope that everyone traveling this season is safe! 
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