The plane has landed and I have been thrust right back into snow, taxi cabs, and being plummeted by school affairs. In an attempt to induce some form of Californian sunshine into my now very cold (quite literally!) days, I have decided to rummage through my camera and make a post from pictures taken here and there that were without a home.

1. Sushi at one of my favorite establishments. I love coming here with friends or family and their Japanese garden is simply the most lovely view to enjoy while having a meal. 

2. In-N-Out. Any Californian can easily name this burger joint as a favorite. I will be craving the taste of their burgers. For those with a keen eye wondering why half of the people in the picture are dressed formally and why the other half aren't, I wondered the same thing when my friends came to pick me up. 

3. Harbor House Cafe. A favorite for those days when you're up at nocturnal hours and crave some breakfast food or a burger. It's always fun to just show up with my friends and spend time chatting. It doesn't hurt that this place is located near the beach, so the drive is always lovely. 

4. Bubble Tea. I love drinking pudding milk tea, and somehow it just doesn't cut it for me when I'm in New York. I used to drink this stuff everyday in Taiwan (sorry health!) and nothing was more satisfying than watching them literally open an egg pudding cup and dumping it into my milk tea. 

5. My Dad's birthday. It was so sweet being able to go out with my parents and talk over good food and wine (for the father, I had lemonade!). It was also hilarious watching the servers sing happy birthday to me by accident. 

6. Driving by the beach. One of my favorite things to do is hop in the car with my best friend and just take a drive down along the ocean. We'll spend the time blasting music and chatting about nothing. It doesn't get more relaxing than this (especially since I'm always passenger, seeing that I don't have a license)! 

I've finally unpacked and sorted out my things for the first day of my second semester as a sophomore here. To be completely honest, I'm terribly nervous but most certainly excited! School is definitely picking up and next thing you know I'll be chatting about my plans for the summer. For those who are like me and starting into school again, I wish you luck and success. 

Ah, and a very happy Chinese New Year for those who will be celebrating with me! 
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