Now that I'm back in the city, it's time for my Fork+Knife weekly outings. For those who are confused, one of the major reasons why this blog was started was to document weekly adventures with my friend here at school. As a way to inject adventure into our lives (and to force ourselves out of our rooms), we decided that once a week we would try a new restaurant. Living in New York City, this isn't a very hard task! This week we found ourselves in the East Village. 

Coat: Aqua | Sweater: Ralph Lauren | Pants: H&M | Shoes: Night Market | Purse: Bally | Ring: Forever 21

I have to honest and say that this was by far one of the most fun shoots I've done. If you read my blog you know that I'm such a fan of action shots. It may have to do with my inability to just sit myself down. I still can't explain what drew me to these pants seeing that I'm not a print or color person when it comes to my personal wardrobe. The fabric is just so silky and the cut is darling. The coat is a recent purchase, and I secretly call it my Jedi coat. When I put the hood up I can't help but want to pull out a lightsaber and hack away at the air.

Luke's Lobster was delicious! We split the "Taste of Maine" to try a sampling of all their different rolls. I've never this particular brand of lemonade before and it was perfect. I have to be honest, I fell in love with this shop, and I'm definitely going to return.

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop was a recommendation from the lovely gentleman working at Luke's Lobster. The shop was charming, and they had a great selection of ice cream and specialty topping. I'm looking forward to trying their horchata shake next time or their Monday Sundae which has dulce de leche, sea salt and vanilla ice cream all dipped in chocolate.

Seeing that Fashion Week is coming up and things are going to get really hectic, I'll be spending the next two weeks around my neighborhood. This should be interesting because I actually don't explore much within Chelsea. We'll see what happens!

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