While drawing in my dad's office, I was pleasantly surprised when my mother walked in and insisted we immediately get sushi despite the fact that it was almost eleven at night. Without any hesitation, I packed up my things and piled into the car with my parents for a late night jaunt I was used to only in New York. 

Jacket: Pins and Needles | Sweater: Ralph Lauren | Jeans: Free People | Shoes: Deena & Ozzy | Purse: Night Market
It gets brisk at night, so I opted for a warm coat and a sweater I snagged from my father (there seems to be a trend here). Since the outing was so last minute and casual, I opted for an easy look and a high ponytail to make the outfit a little more fun. Kudos to my father for being such a patient photographer! 

 Can't complain about late night snacking with the parentals! We had actually eaten dinner a few hours prior (whoops, I guess my odd and constant eating habits are rubbing off on my parents), so we didn't order much. More than the food, I enjoyed chatting away with my parents and reminiscing about my childhood.
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