Fashion week has been all-consuming, and school has certainly not been helping the stress levels. Anyways, I will not be having my weekly rendezvous with food, but I figured I would still post. I was fumbling around my computer looking for some assignment I've foolishly titled "asdfjkl", and subsequently lost in the vortex of my laptop. While searching I came upon these photos I took while on break and forgot about!

Our winter project dealt with identity: identity in clothing, people, and brands. I researched missions because I am a native Californian, and missions were the birthplace of California. I've since scrapped the whole concept, but I do love these sunny shots. Some highlights from the trip include my friend getting a butterfly to land on his finger and seeing the swallow nests (oh, and the best horchata located at a stand outside of the mission).

For those residing in the cold and dreary like me, I hope you find your own sources of sunshine. To those in warmer climates, I hope you know how insanely jealous I am of you!
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