I'm currently writing from Princeton, New Jersey! After few stressful events, a break was much needed. More so than that, I missed my dear friends Matt and Sarah. So I packed up my knapsack and headed on the next train out for the long weekend. Sarah is a phenomenal cook (she'll deny this, but it's true) so we happily made white chocolate "mousse". Read on a see why mouses is in quotes! 

The "mousse" turned out to be far too rich and thick. We ended up eating it like a fruit dip, but it was still pretty good with the strawberries. I also learned now to make corn syrup from scratch today, which is the liquid in the first picture. 

I have to include photos of Matt and Sarah's place. I am seriously in love with what they did with their apartment. 

This weekend has left me with several parts of my life upturned and more than a few of my plans have changed; however, I'm certainly much more in a position of clarity. I'm excited about things to come, and it definitely makes me appreciate having my blog as an outlet to document these changes in my life.  Let's see where things take me in the next couple of months! 
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