Kimono: Pins and Needles | Tank: Friday's Project | Scuba Pants: Cantonniv | Shoes: Deena & Ozzy | Necklace: Gift from mother   

This kimono was a purchase I could not turn down! It's perfect to throw over tops on sunny days, but I just couldn't resist wearing it despite the winds today. The necklace is a gift from my mother, and I must admit that she knows my taste very well! 

Today's restaurant pick came about in a rather spontaneous way. We decided to hike out in a random direction and just start walking. Peering into the window of Izakaya Ten, it was obvious we just had to step in. It was a cozy place with a fun atmosphere. I got a few dishes to try and fell in love with two: their spicy crunchy scallop sushi and a plate of mixed yakatori. I'll definitely keep this place on my list and return as soon as possible! 

I hope that everyone enjoys a very lovely weekend!
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