I spent Friday in SoHo eating at a place by the name of "Jack's Wife Freda". I took
this weekend as an opportunity to wear a pair of wicked lace pants my mom had bought me. 

Coat: Grandmother's | Sweater: Bloomingdale's | Necklace: Anthropologie | Cardigan: Lie | Knuckle Ring: Forever21 | Pants: Bordaeux | Shoes: Ecote | Clutch: Night Market

These are by far the most comfortable pants ever! I'll seriously think I'm wearing sweatpants because they're just so soft. What I love the most about them is the cut - slim fitted with just the smallest flare at the bottom. I took these photos in the room where I like to play piano at school. 

Jack's Wife Freda has the loveliest atmosphere. The room is cozy, and the set up is beautiful. Unfortunately, the main course was lacking in comparison to the decor. All in all, I would return here only for desserts, as their spiced cheesecake is scrumptious. 

The weekend is winding down, but I'm certainly gearing up for one of the biggest critiques in my educational career. This project has kept me busy since the beginning of the school year. I look forward to sharing my work with everyone. I wish those also in the midst of tests the best of luck!
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