This past week a very dear friend of mine celebrated her 21st birthday. The weather was so nice today we just had to go out and enjoy it. We walked the High Line and ended up at Pepegiallo for dinner. 

Cardigan: Coincidence & Chance | Top: Boutique in Barcelona | Shorts: Volcom | Shoes: H&M | Ring: H&M + Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bag: Night Market

 We sat in the patio for dinner and it was the loveliest atmosphere. Keissy enjoyed her first glass of red wine. I've introduced her once before a while back, but she's my dearest friend here at school and the photographer behind most of my wardrobe posts. Any posts labeled "fork+knife" is the two us out and about. I wish her a very happy birthday and I'm so thankful to have such an amazing friend here at school. 
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