Spring break has come and gone, and I have finally returned to the east coast. When I wasn't at home catching up with old friends, I found myself scooting around southern California with friends and family. 







  1. The beaches down in San Diego are gorgeous! Although the sun was out, it got quite chilly as the day went on so dressing in layers was key. 
  2. Balboa Park was right up my alley. I love visiting museums and sight seeing. Balboa Park holds attractions such as the San Diego Zoo, various museums, whale watching, and so much more. I wish that I could've spent more time here because I didn't get to see everything. I only visited the San Diego Natural History Museum, the Japanese Friendship Garden, and their botanical garden. Of course, it didn't help that I went on a Monday!  
  3. Extraordinary Desserts. How do I even begin? My mother had found this delightful place and decided that it wound be a fun little surprise ending to our trip. I absolutely fell in love with the plating, and the desserts were scrumptious. I'm already craving this stuff, and who could hate fresh flowers on their strawberry shortcake. I topped off the treat with some kiwi lemonade. 
  4. Class 302 is a place that serves Taiwanese food and I just had to swing by when I was in the neighborhood picking up a new pair of glasses. Their passionfruit tea was perfect and I'm totally counting down the days until I'm back in California so I can grab seconds! 
  5. Lunching atop Neiman Marcus. My godmother took me out for lunch. I didn't realize there was a restaurant inside this iconic department store, but boy am I glad to have gone. Of course the dishes were delicious, and the view was beautiful.
  6. My friends and I drove through Malibu Canyon on the way to UCLA. We ended up meandering up and down the coast while stopping at random beaches. It was a relaxing drive, and we ended discovering random fun gems along the way. 

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