Today was a typical day in my life: eating, eating, and more eating. Who could go wrong with two after dinner desserts? We started the night off at Japadog in St. Marks and I must admit that I am in love with their fries. We got extra seaweed seasoning to put on the "butter" fries and boy was I in heaven. I think I loved the seasoning so much because my favorite Lays (seaweed) uses the same kind and I haven't had it since I was in Taiwan. 

On the way home, we randomly stopped by this truck and I'll be honest about something. I've never had a harder time ordering food. The man who helped me was certainly amused as I attempted to pronounce "speculoos, "liƩge, and "dinges" in one sentence.

Shirt: Mumford & Sons Concert Tee | Jacket: Zara | Beanie: Forever21 | Leggings: Friday's Project | Shoes: Forever 21 | Bag: Ecote
 The waffles were worth the pronunciation errors and we were happy campers. Also, this is a pretty good example of typical school wear for me. I wish I could say that I get dolled up to go to school, but alas, it's not a surprise that I find it difficult to work a sewing machine wearing heels. 

 We came home to make churros, but only after taking a break from eating and playing outside. While buying supplies we stumbled upon these velcro paddles with a ball that stuck to it. I'm not sure the technical term for this game, but it was certainly a riot. Anyways, I've included a picture of our "churro tots" and a picture that pretty much sums up Keissy et moi. Why we are laughing over a can of whipped cream and chocolate syrup is a great question. 

Hope the weekend finds everyone well! 

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