Regardless of the crazy schedule I currently keep during finals, I figured that going out and enjoying a nice meal was definitely necessary to keep what little sanity I have left. Otto Enoteca Pizzeria was on the list today and we headed out against the wind for some time away from school.  

Cardigan: H&M | Dress: Coopertive | Shoes: Ecote | Glasses: Ray Ban
 The restaurant isn't particularly fancy, but I certainly wanted to go for a nicer look. 

We started the meal off with two pizzas. A classic margherita pizza and a clam pizza. Both were made to perfection, and I have to say that in total honesty the margherita is my favorite of all time. For dessert we tried the "Black and White" and Tangerine sorbet. All in all this visit put me in a fantastic mood and I most certainly will be returning with friends, family, and anyone else I can take with me! 

It's finally Friday, and all I can think about is how in three weeks time I'll be back in California. To those still in the trenches along with me, I wish you the best of luck! 
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