Hello, hello! It has simply been too long since I've updated this blog. Sophomore year has finally wrapped up and as half of my undergraduate career comes to a close I'm left with a lot to think about! I usually do a retrospective of my semester, but I thought that I would forgo that tradition this year. Instead, I leave my readers with a snippet from a photo shoot I worked with my group mates.

It was a lot of work, and the weather was certainly testy! All in all I was quite pleased with the quality of our work and the phenomenal work of our photographer. We shared Peruvian food during a break and the hard work definitely paid off. My garments are the last two photographs (the pants and top), and I must say that the leather weaving I did on the side panels was my favorite! 

Summer has kicked off and I'm finally settled back in California. For those who are still in school, I wish you the best of luck during finals. Those already on break: congrats! One more year has passed and we are still alive. 
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