My family and I spent the weekend at Sun Moon Lake, and boy was it gorgeous. Before heading to the resort, we spent a good portion of our day at Cingjing Farm enjoying the beautiful greenery and sheep. That's right folks, it's a sheep farm! Unfortunately for my entire family, we neglected to use sunblock and all of us were quite sunburnt at the end of the day. I learned that I should bring sunblock with me when I travel, and that sheep are really quite aggressive animals! I realized this the hard way when I was mobbed after they caught wind of the fact that I had food. My brother had also attempted to bribe me into riding one of the sheep. According to signs around the park, this seemed to both be a terrible, and popular idea. 

The day after that we went sightseeing around neighborhoods near Sun Moon Lake. All in all it was a busy weekend filled with a lot of fun and...sheep.


Snake Kiln Mmuseum" | Here the famous "snake kiln" was on display, as well as various ceramic works of art from the past and present. Also on display was the world's largest vase, as recognized by Guinness World Records. 

Trains and lakes | We visited several historical train stations and nature spots. Most of the time was spent eating (ice cream, fried mushrooms, sausages...) and goofing around with my brother.  

Tunnel of trees | Part of the road was famous for being covered in a "tunnel" of trees. We stopped on the road to take photographs and it was really quite lovely!

Relaxing at the hotel | When we weren't running around trying to see as much of the town as possible, I was able to sit back and relax. The view from my room was absolutely stunning. I have completely fallen in love with the lake, and I'm dying to return. 

I'm currently back in Taipei on the last week of my time here in Taiwan. On Friday I'll be on my way back to California where I'll have a little time to gather my things and hop right off to London. I absolutely love traveling, but all of this is leaving me exhausted. Hopefully I'll have some time back at home to regain some energy! Until then, I hope that all is well with everyone! 
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