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Hello, hello! I'm still currently in Taiwan enjoying time with my family. Although I've been busy in Taipei where we stay, I've had the privilege to get out of the city a few times and savor different sights. 

Houtong, Pingxi + Shifen | My friend and I hopped on the train this past weekend and visited Houtong and Pingxi. Houtong is a city that's popular for the hundred or so stray cats that call it home. I must admit that they were adorable, but an unfortunate cat allergy forced us to move on to the next city rather quickly. Pingxi was filled with delicious Taiwanese small dishes. After filling up on food, we headed on over to Shifen where we wandered storefronts that lined the railway. At the end of our trip we wrote out wishes on a giant floating lantern and released it just as the sun was setting. It was quite a fun day and I was thrilled to cross yet another item off my bucket list! 

Xize | My family headed out to Xize to enjoy quite a special meal. We went to a Japanese restaurant nestled in the mountains. It was quite an eventful taxi ride and the driver got more and more nervous and we drover higher up in the mountains. He was pretty convinced that we were lost and going to get stranded somewhere. All was well in the end though, as we ended up at the correct location! The meal was delicious, but it was much more wonderful to share it with my family. 

This whole trip has been incredibly special because it's been a year since my whole family has gotten together. My brother works in another country, and with me in school it's hard for us to all get together. I'm very much looking forward to the next week and a half and the memories that we'll create. I've been a bit quite on here since I've been so busy, but I promise that I'll be around once things settle down again! 
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