After all the "you'll no longer be a teenager" comments I received prior to my twentieth birthday, I must admit that I feel no different than I did at nineteen. Granted, I've only enjoyed two days of being twenty. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday quietly with loved ones. 

I went out for a special birthday dinner, and decided to whip out this number for the occasion. It's a dress that I made this summer, and I must say that I'm quite happy with it (even though it differs slightly from my initial sketches). The weaving on the side panel is a concept that I've been toying with since last semester, and have really come to love. I incorporated this technique using leather on a pair of pants that I made last semester, which can be seen here, and I'm happy to say that I enjoy it in leather and in fabric. 

Now that my birthday shenanigans are finished, the next you'll hear from me I'll be in London! I must admit that as excited as I am for this next chapter in my life, I'm absolutely terrified! Hopefully I can settle into new surroundings quickly, but I'm so happy to have so much support from friends, families, and of course my readers. 

Until then, I wish everyone a very happy weekend!
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