My friends and I decided to hop on a three hour bus ride and take a day trip out to Bath. I must admit that the city is quite fascinating, and I loved how Roman architecture stood right next to Medieval, and right next to modern day buildings. It was like I had hopped onto a time machine! We started out by visiting the Roman baths, and I learned quite a bit about the surrounding waters and history connected to the baths. Who knew that writing curses on pieces of lead was a popular practice? I certainly didn't! We also visited the fashion museum there, and were positively thrilled when we learned that we could try on Victorian dresses! Let's just say that this girl right here will not be wearing a corset or crinoline anytime soon! 

After a day of trekking around the city, we settled in at a cafe by the name of Cafe Lucca. The decor was beautiful, and I loved all of the natural light in the room. It was one of those cafe/boutique hybrids, but I didn't have a chance to check out their clothes. I treated myself to a Victorian Lemonade, and my friends shared a pot of tea. 
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Sartorial Diner

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