After spending the morning at school, I met up with two friends for lunch at The Breakfast Club. We visited the Hoxton location (others include SoHo, Angel, and Spitalfields). I absolutely love the whole atmosphere of the restaurant. It was littered with different sorts of individuals sipping on coffee and enjoying conversation over breakfast and comfort food. I, myself, enjoyed their bacon and cheddar burger (with an egg, of course). Although very delicious, I'm really not sure how the burger was meant to fit into any human sized mouth. It was so tall! I finally resorted to cutting it up with my fork and knife. My friends enjoyed the "Number 3 Wrap", and "Pancakes with Egg and Bacon". All in all it was quite the hearty meal. Although delicious, you definitely pay for the location and "hip" factor of the establishment, as everything was on the slightly pricer side. 

Tomorrow I'm gearing up for the first critique of the term. We're looking over our summer assignments. I'm pretty nervous seeing that I received the assignment two days before it was due (with a very lackluster "oops, our bad" from the faculty), while everyone else has had it since August. I've managed to hustle, so hopefully all goes well! 

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