While shopping for fabrics this afternoon, I decided to pop into Fernandez and Wells for a late lunch at their Beak Street location. I have to admit that I really liked my experience here! Although the shop is really quite small (no tables, just bar-type seating), I settled into a corner after ordering, and had my food brought out to me rather quickly. I tried their "black olive tapenade with fresh tomato, basil, and chicken strips" sandwich, and didn't mind that it came back flattened after having it toasted. I won't complain if it allows me to fit more sandwich in my mouth, haha. The sandwich was really delicious and I liked the tapenade. I also ordered a Dalston Cola (spice and citrus), which isn't produced by Fernandez and Wells. I so badly wanted to love this cola because the packaging was so cute, but I had instant regrets upon the first sip. "Spice and citrus" sounds so nice, and I have no idea how that translated into this odd manly musk taste that I can't even describe. Unfortunately, I could only finish part of my bottle, and left the rest. 

I haven't tried their coffee, but I heard it's fantastic (I'm not a coffee drinker). All in all, I'd definitely come back here again for more food, and perhaps a pastry too if I'm feeling like spoiling myself! 

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