My parents flew into London a few days ago to visit me en route to Paris, and we spent the afternoon at the Georgian Restaurant on the fourth floor of Harrods. It was really nice to catch up over warm tea and talk about school, friends, and everything in between. I dressed rather simply, just my lace dress over black tights. I layered a cardigan and my grandmother's vintage coat. I was given this coat when I first moved to New York, and was told that my grandmother actually bought this coat when she first traveled to New York.

As for the tea, I have mixed feelings about the Georgian. First off, what was actually served certainly did not reflect the menu. I have no idea where mousse, macaroon, and such went, but they certainly weren't on my plate! I liked their selection of teas, but I found the sandwiches, like the desserts, hit and miss. The sandwich varieties included: lobster and crab, curry, vegetarian, salmon with cream cheese, and some sort of egg salad type concoction. Some of the pastries were too sweet, even for me, but I did like puff as it had a surprise lemon curd filling inside. The raisin and plain scones were by far the best, and were served with clotted cream and jam. 

All in all, this afternoon tea is a nice place to visit at least once (the decor was lovely). But for a second round of afternoon tea, I'd definitely try another option as England is not lacking in afternoon tea places (at much more affordable prices). 
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