This weekend I found myself in Paris with a few friends enjoying some time off from school. Although waking up at 4 AM to catch the Eurostar was pretty brutal, I enjoyed one of the most most memorable weekends in my life. It was definitely a different experience going with friends this time around. 

We randomly stumbled upon the Galeries Lafayette upon landing, and saw a beautiful Christmas tree display. After checking into our hostel and unpacking, we made our way to the Louvre for some early sightseeing and fun picture taking. We stayed from the afternoon until sundown, and even got a chance to peek at a romantic couple taking some wedding shots next to the pyramid. Paris certainly is the city of love, hm?

We stayed for a total of four days, so there are far too many pictures to put into one post. I'll be updating more later, but for now this exhausted kid needs to catch some zzz's in order to catch her morning class tomorrow! 
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