Ah, the ever popular Meatball shop. I had heard that it was popular, but it didn't quite register just how popular this joint was until we were told our wait time would be over an hour and half. Could meatballs really be worth the wait? I decided to take my chances, so my friend and I headed next door to d'espresso for a pre-dinner snack. I'm pretty glad that we went though, because their Nutella hot chocolate was beyond delicious. I would definitely make the trip back south just that drink. It was rich, but not heavy, and the perfect blend of chocolate and hazelnut. 

But onto the meatballs. I so desperately wish that I could rave about this place, but it just didn't do it for me. I ordered the "smash" with a fried egg, and upon being served my plate the bread was already completely drenched in sauce and soggy. I'm talking about an oatmeal like consistency. Aside from that the meatballs weren't terrible, but let's just say that I won't be waiting that long for meatballs ever again. 

The Meatball Shop // d'espresso
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