Outfit photographs by Katherine Misogas
 I've made it back to New York safe and sound. Despite a few hiccups (like a broken window in nineteen degree weather), I'm finally somewhat settled and back to business. While I'm scrambling to make sense of this city I haven't lived in for almost half a year, I thought I'd share a backlogged post from sunny California.

I popped on over to Toshi Sushi in Little Tokyo for some omakase. Omakase is basically a meal consisting of several plates created at the chef's discretion. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole selection, and happily gobbled up the fresh food. 

The coat is one that I've had for a while, but have recently fallen back in love with. Unfortunately,  I've been bundled up in my sleeping bag looking coat lately. It's funny how quickly one could forget how cold New York can get! 
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