Last week's dinner date was canceled due to the terrible weather, but this week's outing definitely made up for it. I'm sure many native New Yorker's are having a good laugh at me because the "blizzard" was hardly a blizzard. Honestly though, you can't beat the Californian out of me. If there's snow on the ground and a slight windchill, you can find me bundled up at home with the heater on full blast. 

Onto the main event though: Mémé Mediterranean. We decided to try something fun tonight that wasn't part of our usual dining repertoire, and finally settled on Mediterranean food. We decided to share our meal tapas style, which always guarantees a range of dishes to try. First up, a classic hummus, falafel, and pita platter. The hummus was so smooth, and I loved it paired with the crunchy falafel. We then tried "black mission figs with grilled serano ham, mozzarella, and port reduction". Oh goodness, this was the perfect blend of crunchy, chewy, sweet, and salty! The yellow fin tuna ceviche was a little bit of a miss, but only because we had some trouble distinguishing the tuna from the tomatoes and spent most of our time hunting on the plate. Last up, we enjoyed a plate of grilled foie gras crostini. This was beyond delicious, and I wanted more!  Everything on this plate was cooked to perfection and tasted divine. 

I definitely recommend this place to everyone. I personally think it's a fantastic date spot. The atmosphere is cozy, not too loud, and the service was on the spot. I'll definitely be coming back! 

// Mémé Mediterranean
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