So, I'm going to be completely honest and say that my level of Chinese comprehension when it comes to reading is limited to food words like "beef noodle soup" and "chicken wing". Which is why I think I took a picture of the restaurant's entrance. If it says something along the lines of "Jing Fong Restaurant", perfect! If it says something like "acupuncture" or "buy one get one free" (haha, just kidding), please let me know. 

That being said, I went to Chinatown with some girlfriends for dim sum today, and boy was this place intense. There was just a swarm of people in the lobby waiting for their number to be called, a host somehow yelling numbers in Cantonese and English through a microphone and walkie-talkie, and don't forget the two giant escalators heading upstairs. We were called fairly quickly though, and I soon realized why - they were seating parties together at banquet sized tables. Fortunately, this didn't faze my friends or the other people at the table, and we just ate avoiding eye contact with the strangers. 

Overall, the food was pretty authentic and good! I enjoyed all of my favorites (including the softest BBQ pork bun), and I'd definitely go again. Yes, it's hectic and really loud, but I didn't expect to go to dim sum and enjoy a quiet meal. Speaking of loud, we shared our table with a family of four, and I kid you not, the little girl pulled out a mini-snare drum and starting hitting it while eating. I wasn't sure whether or not I thought it was hilarious or annoying. Either way, the meal was good, and I highly recommend! 
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