To combat New York's temperamental weather, I decided that a hot bowl of ramen was in order. Momofuku is a pretty popular spot in my area, so I headed out there with a friend. I love pork buns, so we ordered a portion of those and shrimp buns to try as well. They're usually pretty greasy here though, but I can overlook that. Overall, Momofuku is a pricey establishment, but the portions are huge. I ended up taking half of my bowl home to eat later. I don't think that they're as busy as they used to be, but the restaurant is still pretty cramped and the staff definitely looks frazzled.

Spring break is only a week away! I'm looking forward to returning back to California for that little thing called sunshine. Until then though, my classmates and I have been swamped with CFDA competitions. Hopefully once that wraps up I can do a little preview of it on here before settling down and taking a break.

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