My friend Arielle celebrated her birthday at the Standard Grill a few weeks ago. It was her 21st, and boy did we have fun chatting, gossipping, and laughing the morning away. I have to say that I really liked their brunch. Some dishes ordered included fluffy french toast with fresh fruit and crispy walnuts, steak and eggs, and eggs benedict. My friends were joking that I was a demanding customer since I ordered my eggs benedict with egg whites only, and in return I jokingly remarked to them that I "would only eat the dish with the sauce on the side". Lo and behold, the humorous waitress overheard from afar and actually did bring me my sauce on the side. Arielle enjoyed her first mimosa, but wasn't really a fan (I, on the other hand, must vehemently disagree. Mimosas are the best!).
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Sartorial Diner

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