Hat: Volcom | Shirt: Saturdays | Skirt: Forever21
Photos by Katherine Misogas
 One of the biggest things I miss about Southern California is the casual cool that so many seem to embody here. I hardly wear baseball caps (and by hardly, I mean never), so I figured why not try something new? The day was seriously like a flashback to those lazy high school days - lounging around on my front yard with friends chatting and just acting plain silly. I definitely forgot just how hot blacktop can get, as seen in the few pictures of me jumping and running out of the street. Visiting home was a much needed break. I'm definitely going to be missing these California rays when I'm back at work next week!

Also, I'm sure that many of you are well aware of GFC shutting down soon. If you're interested in following along with me as I embark on new adventures and explore the world around me, please do follow on bloglovin'. And if you're looking for a great blog reader, I highly recommend Feedly. It's easy to use, and the interface is gorgeous! With that being said, I'll see you guys around in my next post! 
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