Two words: food poisoning. 

That's right folks, I got food poisoning here. Even if I hadn't gotten sick, the food would best be described as mediocre here. 

Whipped Ricotta & Nduja: Three small silves of focaccia with the whipped ricotta and nduja on top that could be finished in two bites. There was literally no flavor at all. I kept trying to figure out what nduja tasted like, and constantly searched for the taste of ricotta or even the focaccia, but alas - nothing. I might as well have not eaten anything at all. 

Prosciutto Wrapped Dates: Just the opposite. These were sickly sweet. To the point of having to douse each bit with water. Each time I took a bite my mouth became sticky and hard to chew.

The Bone Marrow: Ah, their namesake dish. The marrow itself overpowered the sea urchin. And the bread that it came with was charred to a blackened shadow of its former self. I have a sneaking suspicion that the sea urchin was what made me sick. I've eaten tons of sea urchin before (yum), but this time I could sense it was off and the texture was odd. Scary to think their most popular dish could've gotten me sick! 

Blistered String Beans: We needed a veggie dish. Overall it was ok as well. The tiny portion couldn't justify 12 dollars though. 

Pork Belly: This was their special of the day, and the waitress really pushed it. As an individual who loves pork belly, I was also disappointed by this. They did some sort caramelizing to the top and bottom, but when eaten it would turn into a sticky, sticky mess that was impossible to swallow. I ended up having to cut away the caramelized part and just eating the middle. Such a sad waste. 

Overall, their only saving grace was their tiny pretzel rolls. But the waitstaff seemed reluctant to give us seconds, and quickly took our bread plates away and olive oil without asking if we'd like refills. Such a shame that such an expensive meal was wasted.
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Sartorial Diner

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