001. "This is the first Cute House of the Day post"
002. "I like to shoot at different angles and not always shoot straight on. I like to capture small details that reflect the owners of the house."
003. "This is the most popular Cute House of the Day. I am not sure why."
004. "When I travel, I try to find a cute house in the city I am. This is an old Victorian house from Corpus Christi, TX."
"Cute House of the Day" is the name of a stunning project by visual journalist Lizzie Chen. It's amazing how well she captures the essence and unique personalities of every home on her site. After perusing these photographs, I'm definitely itchin' to visit Austin, Texas! I caught up with her to ask a few questions regarding her project. About her project:

"The Cute House of the Day was formed with the idea of creating a photo project only viewable through social media. To be honest, I was wary about using my iPhone and Instagram as an outlet for photography. Especially since these are seen as contributing to the death of photojournalism. I've quickly discovered that I should be embracing technology and using social media as a creative outlet. 

For this project, I take photos of houses that I come across. Its simple and focused on my neighborhood. All photos are taken on my iPhone 4s, edited with Afterlight, and I post them on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. I live in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Austin and my goal is to capture the uniqueness of Hyde Park and its residents, whose personality is often reflected by their homes. I would like to expand to other neighborhoods in the city and eventually cute houses that I find while traveling."

1 // Tell me about your favorite house to photograph and why. 
My favorite house to photograph would have to be the first house I ever posted on 43rd St. It is my favorite because I think it embodies the personality of the neighborhood I live in. Since I've moved into this neighborhood, I've always had eyes on this cute little house. 

2 // How about your favorite non-house object to photograph?
My favorite non-house object to photograph is my little kitty, Miso Chen! She has such human-like traits and is so fun to photograph, not to mention, super adorable! Our blog, Miso and Tofu, is named after her. 

3 // Last, but not least, what is something you love to nosh on? 
Favorite food... most difficult question ever! Asian food is always my favorite. These days, I am eating a lot of Japanese and Korean cuisine! 

Definitely pop on over to her blog www.misoandtofu.com to see more of these lovely homes and learn more about her project! 
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