It seems to be a popular trend in my life to hide out in Princeton when the city begins to overwhelm me. I've been blessed to have amazing friends in my life, Matt and Sarah, who have always opened their arms and home to me when I look to catch my breath. My time spent here was enjoyable as always, and incredibly calm. Sarah took me out to check out a community garden she was a part of. I had my first raw snap pea right off of the vine (not a fan), said "hello" to a few chickens, and tried to figure out a mystery plant the couple had been eating (we still have no clue). We watched their friend's friends play a set for us while sipping on fresh homemade blueberry cocktails. Lesson learned - vanilla vodka, blueberries, and cream soda might sound good, but it's a tad too sweet. A barbecue was enjoyed while playing frisbee, and of course I had to check out my favorite ice cream spot The Bent Spoon. 

Definitely a weekend well spent that left me reenergized and ready to take on the city once again.

Edit// For those asking about the popcorn, I actually have no idea what's in it! But I can tell you that it had some sort of white chocolate sweetness going on. Alas, I shall never know the secret recipe! 

// The Bent Spoon
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