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Smorgasburg is definitely one of my more favorite events of the summer in NYC. Is there anything better than dozens of food stalls getting together at one location? It makes it all the easier for me to feast! The highlight of the day was definitely noshing on a lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound. I'm usually a crab roll type of girl, but the simplicity and freshness of these rolls definitely hit a special note for me. My favorite beverage of the day was definitely from Kelvin Natural Slush co. How could I possibly resist citrus slush with a dash of passionfruit? There are definitely more stands that I have to try, but unfortunately my stomach can only fit so much food. No problem though, it just means that I'll have to plan another visit soon! And the best part of the whole event? Eating outdoors with a spectacular view of Manhattan. I just have to remember to bring my sunscreen next time!

On an unrelated note, my friend casually mentioned to me that when I'm referred to in conversation people associate me as the "girl who talks about food all the time". I can't say I'm displeased. 

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