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Dress: J. Mendel | Shoes: Nine West | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Photographs by Katherine Misogas
Whenever I go out shopping with friends, they tend to comment on my habit of purchasing similar items. Circle skirts, button down tank tops, and heap upon heap of white lace dresses. What can I say though? If you find something that works for you, run with it! This J. Mendel dress is just simply stunning. The quality of the craftsmanship is something that I haven't seen in a while. I definitely feel like the piping elevates the dress' design. The best part of the dress though? Pockets! I hardly ever find pockets in "nicer" cocktail wear (and especially not in evening), but they're so handy! Anyways, with the whole "white on white on white" color palette trending, I figured why not throw on a pair of white lace shoes to really take this look home. So moral of the story? I'm a bit obsessed with white lace, and I find absolutely no problem with my addiction at all!

Also, a quick shout out to my dear friend Kate. She's the eye behind the lens for my outfit photographs when I'm in California. I'm always in awe of this girl, as she's not only mad creative, but also kind of a genius. Check out some more of her shots here: California CoolBestia, and Toshi Sushi. Seriously, her shots are kind of the highlight of my blog for me. 

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