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Day two of Boston seriously just flew by. It started with a "hop on hop off" bus tour of the city. As much as I liked walking part of the Freedom Trail in day one, it was so windy that it seemed smarter to just ride around on a bus. We used Boston Duck and Trolley Tours which was pretty fast. Our guide, Bill, grew up in Boston and his personal anecdotes combined with deep knowledge of the city made the tour fun and informative. The company offers many different tour packages that we didn't take including one for Harvard, and one by sea. I will note that not all guides were created equal, as another guide we met while heading home wasn't very good and I ended up just sleeping on the bus. 

My personal favorite part was seeing Trinity Church. The architecture was gorgeous, and even the underground gift shop was cool as you got to see the foundations of the church. The walls were lined with beautiful stained glass and each ticket comes with an informative map and guide. We also rode to Fenway Park, saw some original victory gardens, antique shops, and gorgeous architecture. 

Lunch was had at Atlantic Fish Co., which was totally booked! We weren't expecting it to be a reservation necessary place, but luckily there was comfortable high top seating near the bar. Their crab and artichoke dip was just bland. It was served with celery, carrots, and a few measly pieces of baked pita chips. The shrimp and scallop risotto was on the spot though. The scallops were fresh and the portion was perfect. Their clam chowder was my favorite, and it was excellent as well. There was tons of seafood and although the portion was tiny, I couldn't complain as the soup was just that good! I also got a lobster roll (not pictured), that was just okay. Although the lobster was fresh, there were huge chunks of celery mixed in and I found the two textures not pleasant to eat. 

Lastly, dinner was at City Landing, and it was a wonderful meal! Their crispy calamari had a fun chili sauce, which a fun change from marinara. The lobster rolls here are served as an appetizer, and they mean it! The kitchen kindly added a third roll so everyone in our party could partake and we're glad they did! The rolls were super buttery, and just bursting with huge chunks of perfectly seasons lobster meat. Their pan roasted flounder was also seasoned and roasted incredibly well. Lastly, I enjoyed their fish and chips, and it was one of the best I had. The fish was flakey, the crust was crisp, and the fries were fat and fried so well. 

All in all, Boston was such a fun (and delicious) trip, and it's making me itch to see more of the East Coast! 

// Atlantic Fish Co.
// City Landing
// Boston Duck and Trolley Tours
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