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I don't think that a place could create such polarized opinions in New Yorkers as Coney Island. Regardless of whether or not people love this area, I figured that I ought to check out it. Yes, cue comments expressing astonishment that I have yet to visit Coney Island. The day started out at a nearby pizza shop by the name of Totonno's. There aren't many food options available in this area, and I definitely didn't want to pay for ridiculously overpriced goods on the boardwalk. That being said, Totonno's was decently priced, but pretty much your standard pizza. Keep in mind that you can't bring your own beverages in, and they'll have you buy bottle water instead of giving tap. 

I quite enjoyed the day walking on the boardwalk, experiencing different rides, and just checking out the beach. I have to admit that I tried out Nathan's and it really isn't something special. I definitely think that Coney Island can be a huge blast with the right people. 

// Totonno's
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