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Musket Room is the perfect date night spot for when you're feeling trendy and spendy. We made sure to get seated in the back room which provides natural light and a view of their garden where they source many of their greens. Several courses were enjoyed, and the service was impeccable. The meal was paced perfectly, and we finished feeling like royalty. A break down of each dish:

heirloom gazpacho, garden herbs, and olive oil / Definitely your standard gazpacho. The server assembled this dish at our table, which was nice to watch. I definitely liked the flavors and you could taste a hint of the olive oil that wasn't too overwhelming.

seared foie gras, torchon, brioche, apricot, and mandarin / The foie gras was a bit strong, and it's ratio to brioche was a bit off. I liked the saltiness of the foie gras paired with the sweet apricot though, and definitely got a kick out of freeze dried mandarin slices.

corn custard, raw corn, summer truffle and herbs / Okay, this dish definitely sounds funny, but it definitely didn't taste that way. I fell in love with all of the textures on this place. The corn custard was so silky, and when paired with the crunch of the raw corn I was in heaven.

tofu gnocchi, roasted tomato dashi, oyster mushroom, and asian greens / I'm sure that this dish would be outstanding at any other point, but I wasn't a huge fan seeing that it just didn't mesh well with our other choices. It definitely had a strong Asian flavor to it, but I liked the twist of using tofu instead of potato in the gnocchi.

new zealand red deer with flavors of gin / When I heard "deer meat" and "medium rare" I might have panicked a little internally. Something in my gut told me to trust the chef though, and I'm glad I did. The meat was cooked to perfection, and I loved the taste and texture of the meat. I swear my knife cut through the deer meat like it was butter. I was also a fan of the mousse around the plate.

steak and cheese pie / This was an interesting take on a dissembled pie. A piece of steak was served with a cheese puff on top. I have to admit that this time the meat was a little too rare for me. I'm no carnivore and seeing so much red kind of freaked me out. The bits that I did eat was quite good, and I liked the fun take on this traditional dish.

passion fruit pavlova, strawberries and cream / The moment my fork touched this dessert it felt like I was picking up a piece of cloud. I loved how fluffy the shell was, and I was elated watching the interior ooze out. Together these two textures came together to create one of my favorite desserts.

sponge cake, lavender mousse, and raspberry / I love the fresh sorbet combined with the soft texture of the cake. A must try!

All in all, Musket Room is a fantastic restaurant and a gem in the city. 

// Musket Room
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