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 Knowing my affinity for tasting menus, my parents took me to Aska for my birthday dinner. Now, there are tasting menus and then there's Aska. Every time I thought that the meal was finished, our server would return with more dishes. I'm not exaggerating when I say that we were there for three hours. Basically, if you have somewhere to be don't expect to finish this meal quickly!

As for the food itself, I had a lot of fun with this meal. Aska is a Scandinavian restaurant that prides itself on sustainable and humanely raised food from local farms. I had a lot of tastes and textures that I certainly wasn't used to having. For example, what I thought looked like a truffle was really pigs blood! The tasting menu changes daily so you'll always be in for a surprise. Service was impeccable and the ambiance was relaxed and dim. I'd definitely recommend this spot to share with a food enthusiast pal, or a date you wouldn't mind chatting up for a few hours. 

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