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Fashion Week Collage
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I was so excited to be invited to the J. Mendel runway show this season. I decided to keep the color palette of my look simple so that my J. Mendel bag could be the focus. I'm seriously in love with this bag as it fits everything and anything that I need. No joke - I carried a pair of heels, my DSLR, water bottle, sketchbook and other miscellaneous goodies all in this bag. All in all, the show was beautiful. Highlights include dresses with intricate lace paneling, cropped fur boleros in fun colors, and gorgeous scuba fabric in stunning prints. I loved that their invitations mimicked the tropical print theme. Unfortunately I couldn't capture many runway shots as I was totally focused on the show. 

Oh, here's a fun anecdote. After coming home and reviewing my photos, I realized that the video I took a photo in front of was from a designer that I used to work for. There, I had my first fashion week experience backstage working the show. At that moment in my life, I never thought that I would ever have the privilege of seeing a show from the audience's eyes. Who knew that things could change so much? You can check out my backstage experience here. I'm pretty sure that it's super easy to guess where I used to work, but let's pretend that we don't know, haha. 

Now that fashion week is winding down in New York, it's time to take a breather and finally indulge in that slice of chocolate cake I've been avoiding...
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