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I met up with friend and fellow blogger Callia for brunch at The Strand Smokehouse. The idea of a Southern BBQ inspired brunch was really interesting to us, and I'm glad we checked it out! The space was definitely beautiful. Wooden interiors were highlighted by incredible natural sunlight, and restaurant was definitely spacious. I could imagine how fun this place would be at night when it converts into a bar. 

The Huge Stack // A pile of pancakes and house pulled pork on the side. I loved the pancakes. Fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside. The pulled pork was a bit odd though. I personally didn't like mixing the two foods together, and the pulled pork was lacking in flavor. I ended up just gobbling down pancakes and taking the meat home. Although the pancakes were delicious, it worries me that the meats at a smokehouse weren't standouts. 

// The Strand Smokehouse
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