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That's right folks, this little lady turned twenty one earlier this month! Celebrations are a perfect excuse for me to feel a little less guilty about hanging out with friends and family instead of working on my thesis. Although it's almost October, be on the lookout for some belated birthday posts I just couldn't get up on my blog in time. That being said, I wore this look to kick off my birthday celebrations. My parents flew into New York and spent some time with me. It was so nice to catch up with them and show them around town. I was incredibly touched by their generous gifts, but my favorite was two trinkets that my mother handed down to me from her personal collection. She saved up paychecks from her first job and bought two very small rings. While handing them to me, she reminded me that I could achieve so much more with diligence and an honest work ethic. I like wearing her rings to remind myself of this sentiment daily and to feel that much closer to my mom when she's so far away. She was the first to believe in me and support my decision to go to Parsons. My parents' faith in me is so encouraging and their trip really made me realize just how much I miss them.
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